ModelGrade AGrade BGrade CGrade D
iPhone 12 Pro Max£100,00£55,00£35,00£15,00
iPhone 12 Pro£90,00£50,00£30,00£15,00
iPhone 12 Mini £65,00£35,00£20,00£10,00
iPhone 12£100,00£55,00£30,00£15,00
iPhone 11 Pro Max£55,00£26,00£13,00£5,00
iPhone 11 Pro£50,00£25,00£12,00£5,00
iPhone 11 £10,00£5,00
iPhone XS Max£42,00£20,00£10,00£5,00
iPhone XS£25,00£12,00£6,00£3,00
iPhone XR£8,00£4,00
iPhone X£25,00£12,00£6,00£3,00
iPhone 8 Plus£8,00£4,00£2,50£1,50
iPhone 8£5,00£3,00£1,50£0,50
iPhone 7 Plus£7,00£3,50£2,00£1,00
iPhone 7£5,00£3,00£1,00£0,50
iPhone 6s Plus£5,00£3,00£2,00£0,50
iPhone 6s£2,50£1,00£0,50
iPhone 6 Plus£2,50£1,00£0,50
iPhone 6£1,50£0,75£0,25
iPhone 5s £1,00£0,50
iPad Pro 9.7 £16,00£8,00
iPad Mini 4£8,00£4,00
iPad 10.5£22,00£10,00
iPad Air 2 / iPad 6£15,00£5,00£2,00
A Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen.
B Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with small dead pixels, backlight or yellow screen.
C Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with big dead pixels, stars or light color marks.
D Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with 3D issues, middle color marks in white background or big color marks.

ModelGrade AGrade BGrade CGrade D
Samsung S20 Ultra£80,00£45,00£22,00£10,00
Samsung S20 Plus£75,00£40,00£20,00£10,00
Samsung S20£65,00£30,00£15,00£10,00
Samsung S10 Plus£60,00£30,00£15,00£10,00
Samsung S10E£15,00£8,00
Samsung S10£55,00£30,00£15,00£10,00
Samsung S9 Plus£60,00£35,00£20,00£10,00
Samsung S9£45,00£22,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S8 Plus£55,00£30,00£15,00£7,50
Samsung S8£40,00£20,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S7 Edge£35,00£18,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S7£30,00£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S6 Edge Plus£30,00£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S6 Edge£20,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S6£20,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung S5£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Note 9£55,00£28,00£15,00£5,00
Samsung Note 8£50,00£25,00£14,00£6,00
Samsung Note 5£45,00£24,00£12,00£5,00
Samsung Note 4£30,00£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Note 3£18,00£9,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A920£30,00£18,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A90£28,00£18,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A9£30,00£18,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A8£25,00£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy A750£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A730£17,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A720£24,00£18,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A710£30,00£19,00£12,00£8,00
Samsung Galaxy A700£24,00£18,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A71£22,00£13,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy A70£20,00£11,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A605£24,00£12,00£7,00£3,00
Samsung Galaxy A6£15,00£8,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A530£30,00£19,00£12,00£8,00
Samsung Galaxy A520£28,00£18,00£12,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A510£28,00£18,00£12,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A500£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A51£17,00£8,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A50£20,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A41£15,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A40£18,00£9,00£3,00
Samsung Galaxy A30£16,00£8,00£3,00
Samsung Galaxy A21s£15,00£8,00
Samsung Galaxy A20e£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy A10£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A320£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A310£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy A300£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J810£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J805£18,00£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J800£14,00£7,00£4,00
Samsung Galaxy J750£16,00£8,00£4,00
Samsung Galaxy J701£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J730£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy J710£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J700£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy J610£10,00£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J6£15,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy J530£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy J510£12,00£6,00
Samsung Galaxy J500£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J400£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J330£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J320£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J250£5,00
Samsung Galaxy J120£4,00
Samsung Galaxy J110£4,00
A Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen.
B Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with a small shadow.
C Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with a middle shadow.
D Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with a big shadow.

ModelGrade AGrade BGrade CGrade D
Huawei G7£1,50
Huawei G8£1,50
Huawei MATE 8£1,50
Huawei MATE 9£1,50
Huawei MATE 10£3,00
Huawei MATE 10 LITE£1,50
Huawei MATE 10 PRO£18,00£9,00
Huawei MATE 20£28,00£14,00£5,00
Huawei MATE 20 LITE£1,50
Huawei MATE 20 PRO£32,00£18,00£9,00
Huawei NOVA£1,00
Huawei NOVA PLUS£1,50
Huawei P SMART/P SMART Z£1,50
Huawei PSMART PLUS/PSMART 2019£1,50
Huawei P8£1,50
Huawei P8 LITE£1,50
Huawei P8 LITE 2017£1,50
Huawei p9£1,50
Huawei p9lite£1,50
Huawei P10£1,50
Huawei P10 LITE£1,50
Huawei P10 PLUS£1,50
Huawei P20 PRO£48,00£28,00£15,00£8,00
Huawei P20£2,50
Huawei P20 LITE£1,50
Huawei P30 PRO£42,00£26,00£12,00£5,00
Huawei P30 LITE£3,00£1,50
Huawei P9 LITE MINI/Y6 PRO 2017£0,50
Huawei Y5 2017/Y6 2017£0,50
Huawei Y5 2018£1,50
Huawei Y5 II£0,50
Huawei Y6 2018£1,50
Huawei Y6 II£1,00
Huawei Y7/y9£1,50
Huawei Y7 2018/HONOR 7C£1,50
HONOR 8£1,00
HONOR 8X£1,50
HONOR 6X£1,00
HONOR 10£1,50
A Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen.

ModelGrade AGrade B
Xioami 5X/A1£1,50
Xioami A2 LITE/ 6 PRO£1,50
Xioami A2/6X£1,50
Xioami 5 PLUS£1,50
Xioami NOTE5£1,50
Xioami 5£1,50
Xioami 6/6A£1,50
Xioami NOTE 3£1,50
Xioami NOTE 4X/NOTE£1,50
Xioami NOTE 5 PRO£1,50
Xioami NOTE 5A PRIME£1,50
Xioami NOTE 6 PRO£1,50
Xioami S2£1,50
Xioami 4C£1,50
Xioami 4a£1,50
Xioami 4x£1,50
Xioami 5a£1,50
Xioami MI MAX2£1,50
Xioami MI 5£1,50
Xioami MI 8LITE£1,50
Xioami MI 8£18,00£9,00
Xioami MI MAX 3£1,50
Xioami MI MIX2£1,50
Xioami POCOFONE F1£1,50
A Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen.
B Grade: Fully functional OEM cracked lcd screen with a small shadow.

Prices effective April 30, 2021

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Damaged Screens Still Accepted But At Different Rates:

  • Dead pixels
  • Pressure marks
  • Broken Touch
  • Backlight Problems

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